Free Course: How to Talk to Employers About Study Abroad

Learn how to translate your study abroad skills into a language employers understand

So you've just returned from study abroad and you want to tell everyone about it. You want to tell employers how much you've learned and how it's prepared you for your next job. Maybe you're even thinking about starting a global career. But how do you fit everything you experienced abroad into terms an employer will understand?

This is the course to help you figure it out. I built this course to help students like you understand how to talk to employers about your study abroad experience.

Take this free course to learn:

  • What employers want
  • How to translate your international experience into a framework they understand
  • How to talk about your study abroad experience on a resume and in interviews
  • How to identify the skills you developed abroad

There are also two bonus sections for the globally ambitious:

  • Learn how to get a job in study abroad offices
  • Learn how to launch a global career

If you are about to leave on a study abroad adventure, take this course to get ideas about how to add a professional element to your experience

If you are abroad now, use this course to keep track of your activities and accomplishments while abroad

If you have returned from abroad, use this course as a framework for understanding what employers expect from you and how to communicate your skills in the job search

I'm a study abroad alum who has worked as a university study abroad advisor and international career coach. So you can think of me as your study abroad career coach.

Questions? Find me on Twitter at @pdxnicolle or email nicolle (at) globalmingleparty (dot) com.

Your Instructor

Nicolle Merrill
Nicolle Merrill

I'm the founder of GlobalMe School. I'm a former international MBA career coach at Yale School of Management. At Yale SOM, I coached students to land positions at top employers like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IDEO, as well diverse organizations from top-tier consulting firms to startups. I partnered with recruiters across the world to understand emerging trends and opportunities in technology, design and innovation, and energy industry spaces.

I write on the future of work and online education at futureskills.com. You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn too.

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