How to use the Top 250

The Top 250 Companies that hire international candidates is a collection of 250 company profiles. Company information is displayed as individual profiles.

Build a company target list with the Top 250 list

All companies in the Top 250 are listed in alphabetical order. When you find a company that interests you add it to your target list.

If you are new to building target lists, read this overview first: How a simple spreadsheet and friends help me land my dream job.

If you don't have a target list, use this template. Make a copy of it and save it in Google Drive (or Excel) as your own. This will keep your job search organized.

Here's what the process looks like:

NOTE: Company information is not offered in a downloadable list (there is no master spreadsheet). Due to platform limitations the company profiles in this course are not searchable. As you explore the Top 250 make notes about the companies that interest you. Write down the company's number as listed in this course (i.e. Google is 102G). If you forget the number you can relocate the company in the list by using the first letter of the company.