Introduction to the 250 List

Welcome to the start of your global career. You've already taken the first steps: studying abroad in a new country. You next step is figuring out how to build on your new experience abroad. You might stay in the U.S. for work. You might find a job in Canada or China. Or live the digital nomad life by working remotely. Or maybe you'll go home to start a business, build it up, open international locations, and move back to the U.S. The future is full of possibility. It's early in your career.

The challenge of course is that when you have so much opportunity it's hard to know where to start. Starting in the country you're living in a smart idea. The U.S. is home to innovative companies and organizations. Many of them are global and want to hire international students like you. It's just a matter of finding them. With millions of companies in the US, it takes time and patience to find the right match.

The companies on the Top 250 list have hired international candidates. These companies value the global skillset and perspective that you bring to any organization. Some are companies with ambitious engineering goals or working at the cutting edge of technology. Others companies on this list have global brands and need candidates who understand regional markets or have the language skills to build new client bases.